An Uncertain Economy, Declining Home Values, Ever Changing  Gas Prices, and a Steady Decline in Consumer Refinancing

 It's Not Your Fault, But it is Your Problem!

It's How You Deal With These Issues That Will Determine Your Future Success. I Urge You to Read Every Word in This Letter Very Carefully…Yeah, It’s That Important!









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Thursday 6:28 PM

From The Desk Of: David Carleton

San Diego, California


Attention: Small Business Owners


No matter what you sell, how high the retail price, what time of year or how bad the economy is, people are still buying  - houses, cars, Boats, ATVs, Insurance Policies, Carpeting etc.

Are they buying as many as last year.  Maybe not.  Are they buying less expensive models than they used to?  Could be.  Are there fewer buyers on the market right now?  Probably.   So what!

I have purchased 9 homes in my life.  Two of these homes I bought on the 24-25th of December.  Who the heck buys homes on Christmas or Christmas Eve? Not as many as the weeks before or the weeks after Christmas, but homes still get sold then.  I even bought a home when mortgage rates were over 12%!

Despite what you’ve heard or read, people ARE still buyingYour job is to stop justifying why your sales are flat or down and find a way to get those people to buy from you.  Now is NOT the time to give into what I call “the down syndrome” – (everyone is down in sales so I don’t feel so bad that my sales are down too).

In times like these, your competitors will slow down or even eliminate some or all of their marketing efforts.  This creates an opportunity for you to capture their customers if you already have systems in place to do so.

Your job is to take advantage of this opportunity and find those prospects that ARE ready, willing and able to buy and make sure that they buy from you, not your competition.  Sounds logical and simple enough.  But if it was that simple, wouldn’t more companies be doing it? 

The sad truth is that many companies continue to do what they've always done in the past regardless of the mediocre results they may have gotten. 

"Does This Sound Like You?"

You belong to a national association, totally made up of companies and business people like yourself.  You may also belong to a local state, branch or region of the same association.  Whether it is one or both, the group is totally populated with people from your industry. 

You go to conventions, meetings, and conferences that are all organized by, put on for, and attended by people in your industry.  You read books or subscribe to magazines about your industry and attend seminars put on by people in your industry. 

You run a few ads, participate in some shows, put on a few special events and eventually lower their prices just to get warm bodies in the office or store.  Am I right about you so far?

You Are Working Harder Than You Have to For a Fraction of The Results You Deserve.

It’s not because most business owners don’t work hard – they do!  It’s not because most business owners aren’t smart – they are!  And it’s certainly not because they lack the desire or motivation – they have both! 

You don't necessarily need more marketing money to increase sales.  Instead, it's your ability to use the marketing money and resources you already have more effectively.

What it really comes down to is not having sales generating systems in place that they can use to get a predictable and constant stream of sales regardless of what is going on around the block or around the world.

There's a Big Difference Between Spending Money on Advertising and Spending Money on Acquiring New Customers

The problem is that most companies spend 80% of their time and marketing budget on advertising – the 20% that has no real system in place to measure effectiveness or Return on Investment (ROI).  This always amazes me!

Am I suggesting that you stop advertising or attending shows and fairs or not do special events?  Of course not.  What I am suggesting though is that you shift more of your budget and marketing efforts to specific lead generation and referral marketing strategies.

“But Isn’t Advertising The Best Way to Reach My Prospects?” 

The problem with most advertising is that you are casting a very wide net in hopes of catching something…anything!  You’re hoping to get warm bodies into your business

Not only that, but typical ads just advertise the name and address of the company, list a few products, show a few pictures and prices and maybe offer some special financing terms.  By spending your marketing dollars on these types of ads all you’re doing is picking the “low hanging fruit”…the people that are already in the market to buy. 

In addition, most ads scream SALE, SALE, SALE!  No wonder so many companies complain about customers that are just looking for a “deal”.  All they want to talk about is price, price, price.  You are training your potential customers to concentrate on terms, price and sales events because that’s what all your ads say.  You are training potential buyers to price shop you!

 Let’s Dig a Little Deeper... Do You Know The Real ROI on Your Advertising?

How much does it really cost you for each lead that walks into your store or office as a result of seeing or hearing your advertising?  Have you ever really done the math?  Let’s take a closer look together.

If you run a $2,000 ad in the Sunday newspaper and end up having 5 people come into your store or office, the cost per prospect is $400 each ($2,000 ad cost/5 prospects = $400 per lead). 

If you close 20% or 1 out of the 5 prospects as a result of the ad (20% is pretty respectable), then the cost to get that one customer to buy as a direct result of that ad was essentially the entire $2,000.

Now if you’re selling a big-ticket item like a Boat,  ATV, Home, etc.  $2,000 in advertising may not seem like a lot.  But let’s take a closer look at the Return on Advertising Investment (ROAI) for that $2,000.

Sales Price


$50,000 4%
$40,000 5%
$30,000 6.5%
$20,000 10%
$10,000 20%
$5,000 40%

If you sold a $5,000 Jet Ski, you just spent 40% of the total retail price to make that sale! 

OK, so let’s say my numbers are off and you only spend half of my example or $1,000 for the Sunday advertisement.  Even at that, you could be spending as much as 5% - 20% for all sales under $20,000. – That my friends is not only a lot of money, but frankly just isn’t necessary!   

In addition, when you consider all the “freebies” your salesperson may have to give away to close the deal, plus commission, plus delivery, plus, plus, plus, you come out making a lot less than you want to.  Spending 5% - 20% per closed sales is just too much to pay.   

Question: What Would Happen If You Took That Same $2,000 And Invested Into Effective Lead Generation and Referral Marketing Systems

Answer: You’d Get A Constant Stream Of Pre-Qualified Prospects to Your Business Year After Year!  But fortunately, you don't have to spend anywhere near that to get it.


The Advanced Sales Action Plan©

The best and most extensive Lead Generation and Referral Marketing system ever created for business owners. 


The Essential Referral Marketing System© and The Ultimate Lead Generation System© are the "one-two punch" that your business needs to get new customers in your door and sales back on track.


The strategies in these two systems will  help you build leverage and stability into your business by generating pre-qualified traffic from multiple sources.  There's nothing quite like it sold in any bookstore at any price.


How Would Your Life Change if You Could Get 20, 50 or Even 100 More Prospects Coming Into Your Business?  


You could pay down your debts, remodel the store, hire more people or even take a vacation every now and then (wow - what a concept!)


You would be able to free up time to grow your business rather than just managing it because you wouldn't have to worry about where your next sale would come from?


That's the power of having powerful sales generating systems in place that drive eager prospects to your store.

These systems can do more to increase your sales than just about anything else you could invest in.  Why?  Because it concentrates on the one thing that ALL businesses can't get enough customers.  Doesn't that make sense?


You'll Be Truly Blown Away When You Learn The Contents Of These Programs.


Let's Take a Closer Look...



The Ultimate Lead  Generation System© is made up of powerful sales and marketing strategies that can help grow your business in less time and with less effort than most other marketing systems.

 Regardless of how many sales you’re getting now, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of additional prospects in your trading area that have thought about buying from you at one time or another. The secret is to develop a way to find them and convince them to buy from  

The Ultimate Lead Generation System is jam-packed full of invaluable advice, how to's, examples, strategies and tactics for creating the most effective lead generation system for your business.  In addition, I've included resource sections so you can find and use some of the same tools I use to find, communicate and close leads.

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"Referral Marketing is One of the Best Ways to Quickly, With Little Cost or Effort, Grow Your Business, Gain New Customers & Increase Sales"



Why Are Referrals So Powerful?


 They are independent endorsements from 3rd parties that give you, your products and your company's credibility that no amount of paid advertising can buy.


Referral-generated customers are the least expensive to acquire, most profitable to sell, and remain a very loyal source of new business.


They cost almost nothing to acquire and if done right, they come in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Referral-generated customers also tend to buy quicker, negotiate less, buy larger quantities, and continue to refer even more business to you.


An effective referral system enhances and builds upon all your other marketing efforts.  It is the thread that ties them all together


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Who Am I and Why I'm Qualified to Teach You About Lead Generation and Referral Marketing?

Hi, my name is David Carleton.  For the past 30 years, I have created, sold and marketed to over two-dozen different retail industries in 30 countries around the world.   

During that time, the one thing I noticed regardless of the industry, product or company size, was that every business owner or manager no matter how successful they were, was always looking for innovative marketing ideas to turbo-charge their sales engine.   

Over the years, I’ve been able help hundreds of small to mid-size businesses increase their sales dramatically by implementing a systemized approach to lead generation, referral marketing, store layout and design and internet marketing. 


Now what I want to do is share with you some of THE most powerful tools ever developed. 


How Many McDonald’s® Do You Know That Ever Went Out of Business?

Systems are what make so many franchises successful.  Why do you think McDonalds®, Starbucks® and Kinko’s® stores and franchises are so successful?  Because they have, over time, developed systems that work.

Make no mistake about it, people who buy a franchise aren't buying hamburgers, coffee or copy machines, they’re buying a program that has proven the test of time, they are buying a successful system!

That's why the most successful franchises cost so much...because if you do what they tell you to do, if you "connect the dots", if you "paint by their numbers", your odds of success go up dramatically.

And Guess What? You Don't Have To Be a Sales And Marketing Expert To Generate a Flood of Pre-Sold Prospects. Even If...


  • Even if you've got no business plan or  marketing strategy in place at the moment...

  • Even if you've got no sales and marketing experience...

  • Even if your business is new or in its early days.

How Do These Books Different Than The Other Books On the Market Today?

Most marketing books out there today are using old and outdated methods taught years ago.  What was “all the rage” and worked just a few years ago is out dated in today’s ultra-competitive market. 

For Any Referral Marketing Program or Lead Generation System to Be Effective It Must:


Be Quick to get started, Easy to implement, and Simple to maintain


Leverage all your other sales and marketing efforts and be capable of producing fast results


Continue to produce good results for long periods of time – it must be “viral”

The Essential Referral Marketing System© and The Ultimate Lead Generation System© Will Do All That and More.  They Will...

  • Send customers to your business that are already “pre-sold”.

  • Let you cut your advertising budget back significantly yet bring in more prospects.

  • Allow your sales team to spend 60% less time closing the sale.

  • Have prospects calling YOU to make an appointment.

So, If You Want to Discover How to Eliminate Slow Times FOREVER With Proven, Time Tested Methods of Generating Sales Then I Strongly Urge You To Take Action Now.



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To your continued success,

David Carleton

P.S. - What good is it if you have great products if you have no customers?  Don’t let high gas prices, a bad economy and world events get in the way of having a great year. 

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”  Charles Darwin